JTS Wireless Tour Guide System

Product Description

The JTS TG10 tour guide system is a portable radio system used to transmit an audio message from a presenter to listeners. A tour guide system consists of a microphone (transmitter) for a presenter and receivers with earphones for listeners.

The JTS tour guide system allows 4 channels (transmitters) to be used simultaneously enabling multiple tours to take place in the same venue. With a range of over 40m outdoors and no limit to the amount of receivers used, the TG-10 tour guide system is perfect for communicating to large groups.

The transmitters and receivers can be clipped to a belt, placed in a pocket or worn on the (supplied) lanyard, allowing the system to be used hands-free. Each unit has a Lithium-ion battery which is recharged in either a two-way desktop charger, eighteen-way portable charger/storage case or a thirty-six-way charger/storage case..

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