SENNHEISER SP30 / SP30+ / SP30T USB-C wireless speakerphone

Product Descriptions

Sennheiser SP 30 is a portable wireless speakerphone for personal conferencing or up to 8 people. It is possible to set up a conference call at a moments notice in any location or use the device as part of a permanent conference room solution.

A choice of Bluetooth or USB-C connectivity gives freedom and flexible connection options. Two long-range, noise and echo cancelling microphones and an ultra-low distortion speaker with clear voice reproduction allow a natural, conversational flow even in challenging environments.

  • Instant conferencing. Anywhere.With lightweight design, choice of Bluetooth or USB-C plugnplay and multi-point connectivity with up to three devices and one touch access to Voice Assistant.
  • Exceptional audio performance.With Sennheiser Voice Clarity, ultra-low distortion speaker and echo and noise-cancelling microphones supported by highly advanced DSP algorithms.
  • Natural conversation experience.With industry-leading duplex performance that allows simultaneous speak.
  • Crafted for perfection.With premium materials, convenient cable winding and safe dongle storage.
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