Product Description

The 3195IF is a standard VoIP phone which is suitable for both home and office basic application.
Complete with:

  • 3 line LCD display
  • 34 keys, 1 LED
  • WAN & LAN ports
  • PoE option
  • HD voice
  • Multi-language
  • Flexible Dial Map: Fix length; End with #; Dial with time out
  • Multi-ringer selectable and user-defined ringer update via web
  • Speakerphone
  • RJ9 Headset (option)
  • Dial Map Table
  • 5 Speed dial keys
  • 2 SIP register accounts
  • Black list for reject authenticated call
  • Reject incoming call
  • Limit dialing out No. list
  • No Disturb
  • Caller ID, call forward, call transfer, call hold, call waiting, call forward with unconditional, busy and no answer,3 party conference
  • Call log of dialed call, received call and missed call
  • Phonebook
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