Voice recording system

Product Description

  • Supports 8 channels per system
  • Open platform architecture
  • Operating system: Windows 7 and above
  • Logs dialed number (DTMF) & Caller ID number (FSK) for searching
  • Storing recording files on Hard disk (Daily Folder), DVD or LAN
  • Allows multiple users Find & Play recordings simultaneously ordered by date,line,caller ID, extension no or dialed number or from other computers on LAN
  • All Status of the recording channel can be LIVE monitored simultaneously,and individual channel conversation can be heard LIVE via LAN
  • Recording on Demand, Voice Detection Trigger recording (VOX), ON/OFF hook trigger recording, voltage detection, weekly schedule, and continues recording.
  • Convert recordings to wave files which can be playback in Media player.
  • Multiple Class of Service (COS) functions can be independently assigned to system administrators
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